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Dr Tina Purdon

Cosmetic Doctor

Phone: (03) 9717 1194

Dr Tina Purdon is a passionate cosmetic physician with an excellent eye for detail. Tina has worked and trained in emergency medicine and General Practice for more than 10 years. Her formal qualifications are Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science degrees. She is currently working in General Practice and in her cosmetic clinic in Burwood.

Tina enjoys working with clients to tailor their treatment for an elegant, natural look. Her particular interests are muscle relaxant injections and non-permanent dermal fillers.

Look what can be achieved with only 0.5mL filler. Lips on the very beautiful Alycia at Lush Skin & Body. The after shot is immediately post filler. The lips will settle beautifully over a week or so and look even better.” – Dr Tina

Lips for @theproserpina. I had fun creating the ‘perfect pout’ for this lovely lady.” – Dr Tina

Before and immediately after lips. Over the next few weeks these lips will settle and make the stunning Jaime even more beautiful.” – Dr Tina

Brooke Chesterton

Booked in for an eyebrow wax and I've finally found a salon to listen to what I'm after and Jaime definitely delivered. Very happy and will definitely be back!

Courtney Moore

Recently moved from NSW, after seeing amazing reviews I came in on the 27th October for an eye brow wax and tint, I have spent months growing my brows, i was extremely relieved when I seen the amazing work the therapist had done. I was married two days later and they have never looked so good! Huge thank you!!!!!

Courtney Moore, Facebook
Elise Cee

Went in for a skin consultation about 4 weeks ago & was given very honest reccomendations as opposed to being pushed and pressured into buying things I felt like I was getting honest advice. I have now received my first micro and it was such an incredible experience. I am so excited to come in again and am loving the positive change I am seeing in my skin! The staff member I am working with is so kind and the atmosphere is warm and friendly at lush. Thank you so much.

Elise Cee, Facebook